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    Mediterranean Diet: The Secret to Its Heart Healthy Benefits

    The Mediterranean diet has long been touted as one of the best heart-healthy diets one can follow. People with high blood pressure that go on a Mediterranean diet and stay faithful to it often see their blood pressure numbers come way down without taking prescription medication. Although this effect is well known, no one could ever fully explain why this is so — until now. The Research Finding Researchers at King’s College in London have discovered the secret to the success of the Mediterranean diet in lowering blood pressure! The secret lies in the chemistry that happens inside your body when you eat a combination of leafy green vegetables and…

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  • Cracking the Coconut Oil Controversy

    Coconut oil is the edible, fragrant, commercially available oil extracted from mature coconuts. Its flavor and rumored health benefits have made it an attractive option for foodies and nutritionists alike. However, unlike olive oil or soybean oil, coconut oil’s reputation is controversial, and it has been implicated as a risk factor for atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease. But why is that? Vegetable oils are healthy alternatives, no? Why is there so much controversy on coconut oil, and are there any conclusions we can draw? Fatty Acid Chemistry To grasp at the coconut oil debate, it is important to first understand a little chemistry about oils. All oil is fat, and coconut…

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