Bharadvaja’s Twist (Bhaharadvajasana)

Yoga is taken as physical science to strengthen your physical, mental and emotional health. Bharadvaja’s Twist (Bhaharadvajasana) is practiced in seated position. This yoga posture has plenty of benefits and it is suitable for everyone. It stimulates nervous system and respiratory system of the human body. It also releases extra fatigue and tension to make you calm and active. Put folded blanket under your buttock and try to balance your body weight on the floor. Bharadvaja’s Twist (Bhaharadvajasana) provides excellent stretch to various body parts like backbone, shoulders, knees, legs etc. it should be done by pregnant women without putting any extra pressure over belly button. It regulates digestive system, metabolic activity and helps in eliminating extra waste material from body. In case of spine or hip injury, you should not try Bharadvaja’s Twist (Bhaharadvajasana).

Step by step guide to Bharadvaja’s Twist (Bhaharadvajasana)

  • Take a yoga mat and sit on the floor. Keep your legs stretched in front of you and arms in rested position. Bend your knees and move them slightly towards left hip in such a way your body weight is balanced over right buttock.
  • Now try to lengthen your spine to its maximum limit and inhale deeply. Now exhale slowly and try to twist upper trunk to its maximum extent. You can keep your hands over floor or you can place them over your thighs.
  • Make sure that your body weight is well balanced on the floor. Turn your head and gaze into right direction. Try to hold the same position for up to 60 second and repeat all above steps at other side also.