Big Toe Pose (Padangusthasana)

Big Toe Pose (Padangusthasana) is one of the easiest yoga poses that you will learn in your early yoga practices. It is good for stretching your muscles from head to toe. As a beginner, you must be aware with your body limits. In case, you are feeling some awkward pain then try to avoid Big Toe Pose (Padangusthasana). Try to practice correct style for all yoga poses otherwise it may be harmful for you.

Step by step guide to Big Toe Pose (Padangusthasana)

  • Take a yoga mat and keep your feet parallel to each other. Your feet must be six inches apart from each other. Try to make your legs stretched.
  • Keep your thigh muscles contracted and knee caps should point outwards.
  • Bend forward and try to touch your forehead with knee. Try to move your torso and head together.
  • Once you are stable with the position, hold the toe fingers with your hands. In case you are not able to catch your toe fingers then you can bend your knees slightly outwards.
  • Inhale slowly and keep your body stretched with each breathe. You should not give extra stretch to your body otherwise it may result into awkward body pain.
  • Exhale slowly and release your body back to normal position. Repeat the position several times according to your body stamina.

Big Toe Pose (Padangusthasana) is good for regulating your blood pressure and nervous system. It also increases blood flow to the brain to make you more energetic and fresh.