Cat Pose (Marjarasana)

Cat pose is also referred to as Marjarasana. It is one of the most performed pose in the world. When performing the pose, the individual should come onto the floor on both knees and hands. Hands shoulders width is brought apart and width of knees hips is also brought apart. Inhalation is done slowly while the chest is opened forward. The tailbone is felt and the crown of the head is lifted equally towards the sky. The individual performing should then exhale slowly as the back is arched upward. The tailbone is then tucked and the crown of the head is moved towards each other. Both knees and hands should be used for supporting the pose. The individual performing should continue to coordinate the movement of the spine and the breath.

There are many benefits of performing this pose that include: it releases tension in the lumbar, cervical and thoracic spine, it reinvigorates both internal organs and the spine, it takes part in the purification of blood, it increases the mobility of the vertebrae, it strengthens the abdominal muscles and the arms, it increases the circulation of the fluid in the spine, it massages the digestive organs and it teaches the correct pelvic movements. There are several cautions to individuals performing the pose which include: knee problems will be experienced, back pain, wrist pain and neck pain may be experienced and injury may arise. some of the modifications that are associated with this pose include: if an individual is having wrist pain, the pose can be performed with the elbows on the floor under the shoulders while keeping the hands open shoulder width apart, if neck pain is experienced, one should allow the gaze to only look forward while inhaling and a folded blanket should be placed under the knees to prevent injury.