Corpse Pose (Savasana)

When practicing Savasana, the body should be placed in a place that is neutral One should sit on the floor with her knees bent. The feet should be on the floor and one should also lean back onto her forearms. The pelvis should be lifted slightly off the floor. Using both of your hands, the back of the pelvis should be pushed toward the tailbone then, one should return the pelvis to the floor. While inhaling, extend the right leg, then the left leg. While softening the groins, release both of your legs. You will notice that your legs are angled evenly to the mid line of your torso. You should then narrow the front pelvis and soften the lower back. Using both of your hands, lift the base of the skull away and release it toward the tailbone.

While lying perpendicularly on the floor, reach your arms toward the ceiling. Broaden the back ribs by rocking slightly from side to side. Release the arms to the floor while angled evenly. Stretch your arms away from space which is between shoulder blades. Ensure that the shoulder blades rest evenly on the floor, then spread the collarbones. Soften the tongue’s route, Inner channels, and wings of the nose. The eyes should then sink to the back of your head. Some advantages of Coupés pose include: Relaxing the central nervous system. It improves sleep and reduces fatigue. One should place thick pillow under the head and then elevate the skull. This will keep a posture that is natural to your head.