Dolphin Plank Pose

One should start in dolphin pose. The knees should be bent and then one should walk his or her feet back until the shoulders are directly over the elbows and the torso should be directly parallel to the floor. Both the inner forearms and elbows should be pressed firmly against the floor. The shoulder blades should be kept firm against the back. Spread the shoulder blades away from the spine and also spread the collarbones away from your sternum. The front thighs should then be pressed towards the ceiling but remember to resist the tailbone toward the floor .lengthen the tailbone towards the heels.

The base of the skull should be lifted away from the back of your neck and then look straight at the floor while keeping both the throat and eyes soft. One should stay anywhere from between a period of 30 seconds to 1 minute. The benefits of practicing this pose include: it calms the brain and it has the ability of relieving stress and depression, it stretches the shoulders, calves, arches and also the hamstrings and it also prevents osteoporosis. People who have shoulder injuries, neck injuries, support torso on a bolster and also support forehead on a block should take caution when practicing this pose. The pose is vey beneficial for beginners since it relieves any neck tension which is achieved by resting the forehead on a block set between the forearms. For therapeutic application, the pose is advantageous since it relieves stress.