Dolphin Pose

The pose is also called puppy pose in yoga. When doing dolphin pose one should come onto the floor on both knees and hands. The knees are set directly below the forearms and the hips. The shoulders should be directly above the wrists while the palms are firmly pressed together. The toes are curled under, and the individual should exhale and lift both knees away from the floor. The tailbone is then lengthened away from the back of the pelvis and it is lightly pressed toward the pubis. The sitting bones are lifted toward the ceiling and the inner legs are drawn up into the groins.

The individual practicing the pose should continue pressing the forearms actively into the floor. The shoulder blades are firmed against the back and widened away from the spine and they are then drawn toward the tailbone. The head is then held between the upper arms without letting it hang. The knees can be straightened but if the upper back rounds, it’s best to keep the knees bent. The individual should continue lengthening the tailbone away from the pelvis and the top of the sternum is lifted away from the floor. The individual should stay between 30 seconds and 1 minute and then the knees are released to the floor with an exhale. Some of the benefits of this pose include: memory and concentration are improved, digestion is improved, relief from anxiety, relief from menstrual discomfort in women and there is prevention of osteoporosis.