Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

As a yoga practitioner, it is necessary to give time to learn different yoga postures. Downward Facing Dog is one of the basic standing pose to master. Downward Facing Dog gives an intense stretch to your back and legs. It develops and strengthens upper and lower parts of body and results into deep stretch along the entire spine system. As a result, you would feel refresh and rejuvenated. It also regulates the blood flow inside body and reduces tiredness. If your arms are weak then it would be an excellent idea to practice Downward Facing Dog regularly.

Downward Facing Dog Step by step

  • Hands should be placed on floor beneath the shoulders and knees should beneath the hips. Spread out your fingers with middle finger pointing straight ahead. Please make sure back is straight and horizontal.
  • Once you are fully comfortable, start inhaling deeply. Breathe out by pulling the abdominal muscles gently towards your spine. Contract your buttocks gently and press the floor. At the end, lift your back upwards towards roof.
  • Now move your head inwards and place the head crown on floor. In case you are not able to fix the head crown then leave the head placing inwards. Fix your gaze between the knees.
  • At the next step, keep your elbows straight and extend your back. Your knees should not be bended anymore and keep your legs straight if it is possible for you. With a deep breath, turn your hip into dog tilt. Now reverse the dog tilt by releasing the hips grip.
  • Now turn your spine into curve shape and reverse the position with a down V shape. It will be difficult to turn your body into V shape. With proper practice and retakes, you can make the process easy.