Easy Pose (Sukhasana)

Yoga is a spiritual art that has been practiced from people from centuries. It improves your overall health and well being. Different yoga posture is excellent for physical, mental and emotional strength in plenty of ways. It also reduces extra stress, tension, fatigue and pain. As a beginner, it would be excellent idea to start with Easy Pose (Sukhasana). If you wanted to enjoy full benefits of different yoga postures then it should be practiced regularly.

If you are new to yoga then you can use cushion or yoga block for extra comfort. Sit closer to wall and use folded blanker under your hips. Easy Pose (Sukhasana) broadens up your chest, improves alignment, opens up your hips, reduces stress and fatigue, and stretches your ankles and knees. You should not try Easy Pose (Sukhasana) in case of chronic knee injuries and hip injuries.

Step by step guide to Easy Pose (Sukhasana)

  • Take a stuffed blanket and fold it properly to form a flat base. Sit closer to wall and keep your legs stretched outwards.
  • Stretch your knees and cross the shins so that each foot can slip over other.
  • Keep your legs bended and fold your legs towards torso. Keep your feet in relaxed position and make a small triangle with crossed shins and thighs. Try to maintain gap between feet and pelvis.
  • Take neutral position with pelvis and press your hands against floor. Inhale slowly and keep your hands and palm on the floor.