Firefly Pose (Tittibhasana)

Start the pose by squatting with your feet. The pelvis is then tilted forward and the trunk is brought between the legs. Keep the trunk low and straighten the legs enough to lift the pelvis to about knee height. The left upper arm and the shoulder are brought as far as possible underneath the back of the left thigh. Place the left hand on the floor at the outside edge of the feet while fingers are pointing forward. Shift the center of gravity after lifting yourself off the floor press the hands onto the floor and keep the inner thighs as high on the arms as possible. Inhale then stretch the legs out to the sides as straight as possible.

Keep your pelvis high so as to make your legs parallel to the floor. Press through the bases of your toes and pull your toes back toward the torso and spread them. The arms are then straightened and the chest should be hollowed. Widen the shoulder blades as much as possible. Lift the head and gaze forward without tensing the neck. Breathe and hold the pose for a period of 15 seconds or more. This pose has many benefits which include: it tones the belly, it improves the sense of balance, it strengthens the wrists and arms and it stretches the inner groins and back torso. The beginners can approximate this pose by sitting on the floor while their legs are widely spread to a ninety degree angle, while elevating each heel on a block and pressing the palms into the floor between the legs.