Handstand (Adho Mukha Vrksasana)

Handstand refers to supporting the body when it is inverted vertically and both hands used for balancing. Adho Mukha Vrksasana is also referred to as (Download-Facing Dog pose) .When one is practicing handstand, he or she should make sure that, there are no items hanged on the wall. Make sure your fingertips are two inch away from the wall. Turn your index fingers out slightly, when your shoulders are tight. You can also arrange them parallel to each other.

To secure yourself, you should firm you shoulder blades against your back. Keep the shoulder blades broad by rotating the upper arms. Your outer arm should be hugged inward. Press the bases of index fingers and spread your palms. Step the foot in by bending the left knee. Extend the right leg through the heel take few hops and then try to launch your body upside down. Your left foot should be off the floor and your right foot should be swept towards the wall through a wide arc.

When the legs come off the ground, try to engage the core abdominal muscles .The major reason of engaging core abdominal muscles is that they help in lifting up your hips over your shoulders. Start hoping up and down severally. On each time you hop, remember to exhale deeply. It is advisable to practice the strengthening poses regularly. The lower part of your back may be deeply arched if your groins and armpits are tight. To lengthen the area of your armpits, draw the front ribs into the torso. Your legs should be squeezed and your thighs rolled in. You should then hang your head between your shoulder blades.