Hero Pose (Virasana)

Hero Pose (Virasana) improves the flexibility of legs by stretching your ankles, feet, thighs, and knees. The name is derived from a Sanskrit phrase “Vira” which means hero or warrior. Take a yoga mat and sit on the floor. If you are not able to sit properly over floor then you can use a stuffed blanket to form a flat base. You don’t have to give extra strain to your knees when practicing Hero Pose (Virasana). You should not Virasana in case of ankle or knee injury. If you are not uncomfortable at knees then place a blanket under your feet. Open up the chest broadly and try to reduce stiffness inside shoulders and neck. Inhale slowly and take deep breath. It is done in seated position and suitable for everyone. It helps in meditation and breathing problems.

Step by step guide to Hero Pose (Virasana)

  • Sit down over floor with knees and keep your thighs parallel and hips apart. Try to maintain your body weight on both feet. If you are not comfortable then you could take help from stuffed blanket.
  • Keep your back and knees stretched as much as possible. Exhale slowly while you are sitting on the floor and try to make your body stress free.
  • Fix your both hands over the thighs and closer to knees. Your palm should face downwards.
  • Try to relax your upper body and shoulders and keep your spine stretched.
  • Head crown should be pointed towards ceiling and gaze forward. Try to hold the same position for up to 60 seconds.