Legs up the Wall Pose (Viparita Karani)

Height and the distance of support from the wall should first be determined before performing the pose. Support should be lower and placed farther away from the floor .higher support can be used if the performer is more flexible. The distance from the wall depends on the performer’s height. The performer should sit sideways, with the right side being against the wall. The performer should exhale and swing the legs up onto the wall. The shoulders and head are lightly placed onto the floor. The sitting bones should drip down into the space that is between the wall and the support. The knees are bent and the feet pressed into the wall.

The pelvis is lifted off the support and support is tucked higher up under the pelvis. The base of the skull is lifted and released away from the back of the neck while softening the throat. Let the sternum lift toward the chin and a small roll is taken under the neck. The shoulder blades are opened away from the spine while releasing the hands and arms to the sides. The legs are relatively kept firm and the thigh bones heads are released. The eyes are turned down to look into the heart while softening the eyes. The performer should stay in the pose for 5 minutes up to 15 minutes making sure not to twist off the support. Before turning to the side, one should slide off the support. The pelvis is lowered to the floor while turning to the side.