Noose Pose (Pasasana)

Noose Pose (Pasasana) is usually taken as advance yoga posture where you bend, twist and squat your body all together. The yoga posture is good for making your body more flexible. It also regulates your nervous system, abdomen organ and spinal cord. It also intensifies the effect of Noose Pose (Pasasana) on your kidneys, intestines and liver. It improves your digestive system and helps you in eliminating waste materials from the body. It also helps in blood circulation inside your body. When you are practicing this pose regularly, it will reduce fatigue, stress and tension. As a beginner, you need to balance your body properly and stand closer to wall. If you are still uncomfortable then you can use some prop.

Step by step guide to Noose Pose (Pasasana)

  • Begin Noose Pose (Pasasana) with mountain position. Bend your knees and try to squat completely. Use belly button to twist your body toward right side. Extend your left arm and bring it over right knee. Your palms are facing downwards and keep your right arm behind back.
  • In case you are facing any difficulty during execution then you are free to use a strap or just hook your fingers.
  • Turn your head in right direction and pull your shoulders blades back at the same time. Press your sitting bones on the floor and try to keep your hips balanced. Breathe in and out slowly and release the twist after five breathes. Repeat all steps at other side also.