Reclining Hero Pose (Supta Virasana)

Reclining Hero pose is also referred to as Supta Virasana. It is considered to be an intermediate level pose. The pose is slightly difficult and it is the reason why the pose is not popular. When performing the pose, both hands are placed by the sides. The performer should then exhale and lean backwards towards the floor. Weight is taken on to the hands followed by the elbows and forearms. When leaning on elbows, both hands are placed at the back. The performer should then push the body towards tailbone so as to release the lower back and the buttocks. The posture is held for about 30 seconds up to I minute.

There are many benefits of mastering the pose which include: improves digestion, strengthen the arches, stretches the quadriceps, it helps in the treatment of sciatica, it relieves sleeping disorders, digestive problems can be treated by doing the posture, respiratory ailments can be treated by doing this posture, it helps people who suffer high blood pressure, relieves menstrual pain and it stretches both ankles and abdomen. Beginners who find the pose to be difficult can keep their knees spread out so as to make the pose easier to perform. By doing so, they will prevent the thighs from sliding apart. One should take caution since the pose can be intensive on the lower back. A 10-pound sandbag can be placed over the thighs so as to relieve pressure. Pillows or blankets can be placed behind the shoulders for extra support.