Side Crane Pose (Parsva Bakasana)

The knees are bent to a half squat and thighs are parallel to the floor. Support the heels on a thickly folded blanket if the heels are not resting comfortably on the floor. The left elbow should be taken to the outside of the right thigh as the belly is softened. Exhale and twist the torso to the right. The left lower ribs are brought across toward the right thigh. The left of the back arm should be slide down the outside of your right thigh. This will bring your outer armpit close to the outer thigh.

Do a slight back bend and draw the right shoulder back to twist the torso deeply by keeping the arm in place. Exhale and repeat the alternating back bending and movements of twisting until the maximum rotation is reached. The left upper arm should be slide several inches towards the right hip. Press it against the right thigh. Maintain the pressure by drawing the upper arm back toward the right knee without allowing the skin to slide. The flesh of the outer arm will be rotated outward, locking it in place. Note the point of skin to skin contact once the arm is in position on the thigh. Squat down the buttocks above the heels and place the left palm on the floor.tip the torso to the right if the hand does not easily reach the floor.