Side Reclining Leg Lift (Anantasana)

Anantasana pose is also referred as Side Reclining Leg Lift or Vishnu pose. The pose concentrates mainly on the pelvic region. An individual performing the pose should first lie on the floor on his or her right while pressing actively through the right heel. The ankle is flexed and the outside of the foot is used to stabilize the position. Brace the soles against the wall so as to be stable. The right arm is stretched straight out along the floor. The right elbow is bent while supporting the head in the palm. The armpit is stretched by sliding the elbow away from the torso.

The left leg is rotated so as to point toward the ceiling. The performer should draw the knee toward the torso while bending. The inside of the leg should be reached while taking hold of the left toe with middle and index fingers. The grip is secured by wrapping the thumb around the fingers. One should loop a strap around and hold it if he or she is not secure holding the toe. The top buttock will drop back while the raised leg will angle slightly forward. The sacrum is kept firm against the pelvis which creates fulcrum that helps to move the leg slightly. The performer should press through the heels while staying in the pose for 30 seconds up to 1 minute. The leg is then released and few breaths are taken while rolling over onto the left side.