Standing Half Forward Bend (Ardha Uttasana)

Standing Half Forward Bend (Ardha Uttasana) mainly focuses on back muscles and abdomen. It also helps in increasing flexibility of leg muscles and spine. In case you are facing difficult in touching floor without bending your knees then you could take help from yoga block. To keep your spine straight, place your hand over thighs instead of ground. Standing Half Forward Bend (Ardha Uttasana) improves various body postures and strengthens your body muscles.

It also reduces neck and lower back pain. It stimulates muscles in the abdominal region. Standing Half Forward Bend (Ardha Uttasana) also improves overall body balance. Standing Half Forward Bend (Ardha Uttasana) regulates various body parts like abdomen, neck, back, leg muscles, head etc. in case you are suffering from sciatica, you should not try Standing Half Forward Bend (Ardha Uttasana). In case, you have neck injury, you should not look forward. You don’t have to bend your knees in case of back injury.

Step by step guide to standing Half Forward Bend (Ardha Uttasana)

  • Keep your palm and fingertips on floor and press them slightly besides the feet.
  • Keep your elbows straight, arch the torso at a distance from thighs and inhale deeply. Try to maintain good distance between pubic bone and navel.
  • Bend your knees slightly to take proper position and keep your head pointed upwards. Move your knees in the right direction and move your back in the arch shape.
  • Look in front but do not compress your back and neck. Try to hold the position for up to 60 seconds and exhale slowly at the end. Now release the body back to Uttanasana position.