Supported Shoulder stand (salamba Sarvangasana)

Take two blankets measuring one foot by two feet. Fold the blankets into rectangles and stack each on top of the other. Let the upper arms stay in place if you don’t have the sticky mat. Lie on the blankets with your head on the floor and your shoulders being supported. Bend your knees and lay your arms on the floor then push your feet away from the floor. Continue lifting by curling the pelvis away from the floor. Your knees should come towards your face.

Stretch your arms parallel to the blankets edge. Bend and bring the elbows towards each other. Backs of the upper arm should be laid on the blanket. Your palms should be spread against the back of your torso. Your pelvis should be raised over the shoulders. Don’t let elbows slide too much wider than the shoulder width. Inhale then lift your bent knees towards the ceiling.

Bring your thighs in line, and hang your heels down by your buttocks. The tailbone is pressed toward your pubis and the upper thighs are slightly turned inward. Inhale and then straighten the knees by pressing the heels up. Soften both the tongue and the throat. The shoulder blades are firmed against the back. The sternum is then moved towards the chin. Your chin should be perpendicular and your forehead being parallel to the floor. The backs of your upper arms should be pressed. Also press the tops of your shoulders into the blanket support.