Sustainable Development

Communities whose aim is to become a Sustainable development will focus on the needs of being caretakers of the environment. In the process of future sustainability, the next generation must be able to develop their own characteristics using the foundation set decades earlier to bring awareness to the need that we only have been given so much of these resources. Therefore, we need to keep preserving them by creating the kind of communities that do more than have a neighborhood recycling program.


A Sustainable development must be have a go-green priority as a community mindset in the global arena. One must get an idea of what a Sustainable Development is. The UN in the latter 1980s created the Brundtland Report as the benchmark for the definition. It is a community that considers the needs of the present without violating those of future generations. All decisions must impact the Social, Environment, and Economic ideals. It must be viable, sustainable, and equip able in order for the Sustainable Development program to work in a positive light.

If it interferes with the go green technology in the environment, it will not preserve life in such a way that it has for thousands of years. It must work well with the environment in order for the process to continue to meet the needs of man.

The Economy will be effected if changes are not made. Economist Edward Barbier was the first to recognize the Sustainable Development program as he related some of the issues the economy would have on the environment as a whole. If something is not done in the immediate future, the effect will put a halt on the economy altogether. So, there must be a way to use the resources without harming the environment by improving methods to have a positive impact. However, the topic is up for debate as to how much is being effected, and what needs to be done.

We can not become a creditor to nature. We have been given three types of capital that will only last as long as we work together to preserve them. These capital ingredients include the three things mentioned earlier: economic, social, and natural. We can not replace some of the natural services like the ozone that protects the planet from the sun, or the stabilization the forest of the Amazon. We only have so much, and we must learn to work together in order for them to continue.

There have been a number of reasons as to the market failure of the use of both natural and social capitol that has made an negative economic impact. The World Business Council for Sustainable Development was created in order to achieve what is considered as “Eco-efficiency.” The process has offered certain consequences according to people like John Baden. He says that the Sustainable development may offer negative consequences because of unknown results. Well known people like Jean-Marc and philosopher Luc Ferry say that the definition does not describe what it actually is. There are a variety of views as to what is the basis for a Sustainable Development.
Some think it will cause a “sustainable degrowth” in developed countries. Factors are used in order to try and measure the effects of a Sustainable Development. It is not always measured except to tell us we are headed in the wrong direction. The critiques have been ones such as objective function, necessary resources, data comparability, and quality. The aim is to offer practical guidelines, conservation, and a realization of the value instead of preventing uses of resources for a more productive green business.